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Quality Assured

Being a member of ESOMAR, the European Society for Opinion and Market Research (the essential organization for encouraging, advancing and elevating market research worldwide) assures our clients of quality work delivered on time and to specification.


Your survey can be constructed in hours and changed in minutes.  We have invested in the best systems to offer this.

Detailed Customer Comments

Because you always want to know why, our research is based on the fundamental belief that scores serve a limited purpose.  What’s the point of knowing the score if you don’t know the reason why.  That’s why our focus is about gathering detailed customer comments so if you’ve got a bad score the reasons why leap of the page and you can get straight to work improving them.


Sometimes research can’t wait until tomorrow.  We know you want your results now and that’s why we are able to deliver them fast.  We can have completed surveys on your screen within 5 minutes of a customer completing them and there’s 24/7 access to your reports.

High Response Rates

Sometimes you need the comfort of a high response rate.  If you don’t have many customers you can start to feel very unsure if only a small number respond.  So you need the confidence and comfort of what a high response rate can bring.  Our average response rate for challenging surveys is around 75%.

Online Reporting

The reports you need when you need them 24/7.


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And if you want us to come to your office and tell it like it is, we can’t wait to be invited.



We only do research one way, the best way for you

We like using the telephone because of the high response rates and detailed customer comments but if you don’t want this level of detail for your survey, we also offer on-line, paper, face-to-face or a mixture of all if needed.


How do you weigh up against your competition?  In the house-building industry we provide the largest independent benchmarking, giving you the ability to compare yourself against other house builders and housing associations.  You can see at a glance exactly where you are positioned

Over a decade of experience and scores of

satisfied, high-profile clients.



Some of the many important research topics we’ve covered recently include:

•  Customer experiences throughout the home-buying process

•  House design, specifications and layouts

•  Sustainability and carbon emissions issues

•  Localism issues

•  Product testing

•  Site visitor exit interviews

•  The impact of marketing and advertising campaigns

•  Database cleansing and profiling

• Web site usability and accuracy

• Requirements for post graduate training

• Customer satisfaction for conveyancing company

• Research to help the development of a major theme park

• Stakeholder perception audit

• Research at multiple points in customer journey

• Net Promoter tracking for major on-line industrial supplies company

• Enquiry surveys


But, why not read what our customers have to say...

And what methods do we offer?

•  Focus groups

•  Web-based and on-line surveys

•  Telephone surveys

•  Postal surveys

•  Face-to-face, executive and on-street surveys

•  Star Surveys

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No other market research company begins with a 100% money back guarantee.

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Few market researchers could make such a reassuring promise and stay in business.

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