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How to be given a ‘Len Goodman moment’ by your customers

Malcolm Pitcher - Wednesday, January 14, 2015


“10” says Len Goodman, head judge on Strictly Come Dancing, to the couple who’ve just danced the perfect Rumba. This feel good factor leaves the performers smiling and jumping for joy – who wouldn’t – it feels good to get 10/10, not just on the dance floor but in business as well.



A good dancer knows achieving a 10/10 score is not just about getting the steps right; timing, elegance, execution, pose and positioning are also needed. Similarly in business there are at least three things you should be considering if you want to achieve a 10/10 score; these are:

    • *  Making sure the product is right
      • *  Giving good customer service
      • *  Emotionally engaging the customer


Let’s start with the product…


Make sure the product is right and ‘fit for purpose’…

When a customer receives their product you need to make sure it is good enough to do the job it was designed to do. Therefore, the product needs to be sparkling clean, 100% finished and completely ready to meet the customer’s specification before it’s handed over and presented to them.

For example, you wouldn’t perform The Charleston if it wasn’t ready to be performed in front of the judges. Instead, you practice, practice, and practice some more to get it right.

However, every dancer knows that just having the perfect steps won’t guarantee a 10/10 score; they know that getting their product right is just the entry ticket to the competition. They need much more, which leads us to step 2…

You need to give good customer service and deliver the product in a way the customer expects…

… so whether it’s answering questions about the product, helping with whatever the customer needs, being friendly to ensure the customer has a pleasant experience, or keeping the customer updated about when the product will be ready; it’s your job to bring this good standard of service to the customer throughout their experience. After all, you would expect the same.

But getting the product right, as well as giving good service and delivery to your customer still only ticks 2 boxes on the scorecard. You need something more, something that top dancers have known for years; you need to establish an emotional connection with the judge – your customer – to secure a perfect score.

We call this emotional engagement, which brings me on to step 3…

Emotionally engage with your customer and connect with them on a personal level…

… By interacting with and showing them that you want to do a good job. In other words, put on a performance the customer will remember by touching them emotionally, as it will get them really wanting to reach for that 10/10 score.

For instance, you could remember your customer’s name when you see them, you could ask questions to show that customer that you are interested in them, or you could show empathy and excitement for the customer when they receive their product. This provides that final, yet personal, touch to your customer and their purchase, and in turn brings together 3 key steps in helping you get a 10/10 score.

I’ve never given 10 out of 10 for anything so why should I expect my customers to?

Many would share the same view, but think back to a particular product, a service you’ve received or an experience you’ve had and think ‘yes, I’d probably score a 10 for that’. This could be a theme park ride, a car you’ve bought or a holiday you’ve been on, and on reflection you’ll find each of the above steps would have been ticked along the way in getting you to score a 10/10.


If you want to get 10/10 scores from your customers try following some of the key steps:

  • *  Make sure the product is right, ‘fit for purpose’ and meets the customer’s specification
    • *  Deliver a good customer service to the customer in a way they expect
    • *  Emotionally engage with the customer to provide that extra personal touch

Next Steps: 
Take a look at your current products and services and ask yourself, if I bought from me, would the experience be so good that I’d give myself 10/10 on every aspect? If not, follow the steps above and you’ll soon have your staff dancing in the aisles from having received their very own ‘Len Goodman’ moment!

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